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Cugher was among the first companies in the world to automate the screen printing process on flat glass. Ever since, the constant innovation, research and development are the distinctive features of our business.

The management decided to invest in technology and resources in order to empower the strive for engineering excellence and innovation which was incorporated in the DNA of Cugher. Entrepreneurship spirit and continuous innovation process quickly led the company to success. Soon after the launch of the first semi-automatic machines for glass screen printing, textile, electronics and household items, new projects for automotive printing machines and fully automated lines were developed.

Cugher quickly became a guarantee for quality worldwide. In 2000 the company was acquired by the Mazza family. The new management implemented new business strategy with focus on the flat glass industry, new resources, investments and a strong emphasis on research and development. Since 2005 the core business of Cugher is the commissioning of complete screen printing lines for the automotive industry. Thanks to its close cooperation with leading automotive glass fabricators, over the years Cugher has strengthened its ability to anticipate customer’s needs. Nowdays it is recognized as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced producers of screen printing solutions in the world.


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The technology that makes difference

Cugher is the perfect partner for all manufacturers of screen printed flat glass. We provide made to order innovative solutions and systems for silk screen printing, the company main fields of application are Automotive, Home Appliances and Architectural.
Cugher was among the first companies in the world to automate the process of screen printing on glass , since then the research, development and innovation are the hallmarks of the way we work.

Our clients are the driving force of our progress . Motivated to deliver solutions that satisfy their needs we push beyond the boundaries of conventional technology to provide order cutting edge solutions.

Product range

Silk screen printing machines, IR – UV Dryers, Accumulators, Handling and transportation, Customized software

Fully automatic machines

Cugher offers two technologically advanced types of printers Series G and Series J
Series G are the best solution for industrial contests that require high automation, big production volumes, quick set up and format changeover and extreme print precision, absolute leader in the Automotive glass printing, available also for double glass printing. Special edition Series G for double glass printing.

Series J are the answer for handling big format, drilled, heavy glass, for medium – high production, the modular machine design provides flexibility, accessibility , easy set up and maintenance, best applications in Architecture and Glass door manufacturing.

Semi-automatic machines

For medium production and special works we offer you Series LS and Canguro
Series LS with max. printing size up to 100x70cm has wide range of applications, it can be personalized for particular types of production. Very easy to use and maintain, occupies small space, high print precision, optionally automatic unloading.
Series Canguro, max. printing size up to 25x60cm, very easy to use, small and compact, completely pneumatic, manual set up and loading/unloading, flexibility of production.

IR and UV Dryers

Cugher dryers comply with the highest industry standards, they can be used both stand alone and integrated in a silk screen printing line. Our dryers are manufactured with the best existing materials and components, in order to guarantee maximum reliability and productivity.

The IR Dryers use medium wave length, mixed type drying technology (IR light and hot air), Kevlar belt transport system under constant tension, automatic power management, which guarantee quick and uniform drying.
The UV Dryers have compact dimensions and guarantee safe operation and complete UV rays protection, Power saving thanks to full digital control system, exit temperature of the glass slightly above the ambient 

Complementary equipment

  • Edge to Edge systems
  • Glass inspection vertical and horizontal systems,
  • Automatic screen alignment,
  • Stackers and handling equipment,
  • Screen integrity control system,
  • Rotating tables and corner conveyors,
  • Tilting conveyors and bridge conveyors,
  • Chiller units for IR Dryers

Turnkey projects

We are specialized in the realization of turnkey silk screen printing lines, providing wide range of optional and complementary equipment  and  solutions even for the most challenging production needs.
Our clients are testimonials for our reliability and quality, among which, the leading glass manufactures AGC, Guardian, Pilkington, PGW, Saint-Gobain, Schott, Sisecam



High Productivity

Up to 1028 glasses per hour Repeatability precision 0,08


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Glass tracking is essential in production processes

Shape and size are parameters that can identify the characteristics of a printing


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Cugher Glass, a Company based in Novate Milanese, just outside Milan, northern Italy, has been operating for 50 years in the production of machines and complete solutions for silk screen printing processes with high technological


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Agreement with AIS – Asahi India Glass Limited

Cugher Glass has achieved another important goal: an agreement with AIS – Asahi India Glass Limited for the supply of a backlites silk screen printing automotive line has been


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Cugher Series Fast: tailor made for the Home Appliance sector

Cugher Glass presents the Series Fast, a range of printing machines engineered and designed for the home appliance


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Reliable & Future Oriented Since over 50 years we are leaders in studying, developing and implementing of cutting-edge solutions for flat glass silk screen printing
PDF 38197795 Cugher Automotive - Reliable & Future Oriented
Silk screen printing machines and lines engineered and designed for Automotive Glass Makers. For all types of automotive glass, tempered and laminated.
PDF 1157131 Cugher - Home appliance
The home appliance division provides silk screen printing solutions for a sector where printing speed is essential.
PDF 952960 Cugher presents new machines at Glass Expo Istanbul 2015
The leading Italian producer of silk screen printing machines Cugher Glass will take part in Glass Expo Istanbul at the Tuyap Fair Convention & Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey, 11-14 March 2015
PDF 8857894 Silk screen printing machines and equipment at Rockwell Automation
Cugher equipment used – to integrate, synchronise and optimise complex production solutions for clients in the automotive glass sector. In this article, we explain how this is possible.
PDF 2057518 Cugher Glass shatters integration barriers and helps its customer to win business
Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture helps leading silk screen printing machine manufacturer to integrate, synchronise and optimise complex production solution.
PDF 242520 Serie Canguro
Silk screen printing machine
PDF 224594 Serie LS
Semi-automatic silk screen printing machine The ideal cross point between productivity, versatility, dimensions and price. Unlimited printing applications on flat glass, ceramic, metal, plastic and wood
PDF 1991202 Serie Canguro
Il punto di partenza per infinite applicazioni di stampa in piano su vetro, ceramica, metalli, plastica e legno. La macchina ideale per artigiani evoluti e per medie tirature
PDF 1499912 Serie LS
Macchina per stampa serigrafica semi-automatica Il punto d ’incontro ideale tra produttività, versatilità, dimensioni e prezzo. Non c’è limite alle applicazioni di stampa in piano su vetro, ceramica, metalli, plastica e legno
PDF 242651 Serie Canguro
Máquina para Impresión Serigráfica
PDF 225357 Serie LS
Macchina per stampa serigrafica semi-automatica El punto de unión ideal entre productividad, versatilidad, dimensiones y precio. Las aplicaciones de impresión en plano sobre vidrio, cerámica, metales, plástico y madera non tienen límites
PDF 2023874 Serie Canguro - СЕРИЯ КАНГУРО
PDF 1535517 Serie LS - Серии LS
Полуавтоматический станок Серии LS для шелкотрафаретной печати Станок для трафаретной печати серии LS является безупречным сочетанием производительности, универсальности, размеров и цены. Он прекрасно подходит для нанесения плоской печати на стекло, керамику, металл, пластик и дерево
PDF 1654146 Serie LS - LS Serisi
Yari otomatik serigrafi baski makinesi LS Serisi
PDF 2129237 Serie Canguro - Kanguru Serisi
Serigrafi baski makinesi
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