Updated worldwide glass market study 2021 available now for flat, container glass and tableware

We have updated our international studies on flat glass, container glass and tableware for 2021.

This unique software provides a global overview about glass producers and technical details. Easy to use and clear tables summarize information and data about glass makers such as: Glass types: flat glass, container glass, tableware, production capacities in regions and countries, number of furnaces, furnace types, year of construction, glass types and sub-types, products, project information, special news and downloads.

Further databases supplying demoscopic data and import and export data complete the market survey. Based on these data, prepare individual country profiles with information about local production capacities, local market sizes and expected demand in the future.

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Updated Hollow glass study 2021


Updated Float glass study 2021


Further glass studies and reports 2021


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Weierfing 68
4971 Aurolzmünster
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Contato 1. Jörg Jeliniewski
Managing Director
Phone: 0043 7752 905 5444
Fax: 0043 7752 905 65444
Contato 2. Alois Hermandinger
Head of BU Industrial Minerals Industry
Phone: 0043 7752 905 5200
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Contato 3. Stefan Scheuch
Geschäftsführung Technik und Produktion
Phone: 0043 7752 905 5505
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Contato 4. Franz Söllhinger
Managing Director
Phone: 0043 7752 905 5305
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Produtos / Máquinas


Scheuch offers a complete range of filtration and separation equipment capable of handling almost any task dealing with particulate control and cleaning of industrial exhaust gases.

From Scheuch filter plants featuring integrated pre-separation and optimised flow behaviour (top-down effect) to designs with smooth interiors – Scheuch's own development for ensuring efficient, safe separation of light dust particles, shavings and fibres – we offer something to suit every application.


Since the company was established in 1963, Scheuch has built more than 50,000 industrial grade radial fans to transport clean or exhaust air, chips and fibrous material as well as aggressive and explosive gas mixtures.

Over the years, we have created and perfected a comprehensive program of roughly 3,500 fan types. These have pressure ranges from 750 Pa (4 in WC) to 30,000 Pa (80 in WC) and volume flows from 750 to 960,000 Am3/h (300 to 380,000 ACFM).

Since these fans are used in complete particulate filtration and gas cleaning systems, Scheuch is well versed in a broad range of specific fan demands for many different applications. The practical, hands-on experience we gain flows directly into a continuous program of ongoing development and optimization.

História de empresa

Scheuch - A family-operated company

Scheuch GmbH was founded on January 5, 1963 by Alois Scheuch in the Austrian town of Ried, and celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2013. In its half a century of history, Scheuch has always stood for innovative solutions for air purification in industrial enterprises.

Over the last 50 years, this family company has grown from a traditional handicraft enterprise (specialising in sheet metal fabrication) to a major international business. Today, Scheuch is active throughout the world and is a leader in air and environmental technology within many sectors of industry.