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Manufactured from a material composition that is 99.8% SiO2, Morgan Advanced Materials Haldenwanger’ fused silica rollers are the perfect choice for use in a range of furnaces.
The fused silica rollers feature very low thermal expansion and superior thermal shock resistance, and can be used continuously at temperatures up to 1000 °C.
Due to their superior mechanical properties and their special surface quality, Morgan Advanced Materials Haldenwanger’ fused silica rollers are mostly used in several types of annealing kilns and glass tempering furnaces.

Among other things, these kilns create safety glass for automotive or architectural use. As an alternative, we also offer fused silica rollers with metal cap in a range of designs. Special fabrications can also be done at any time.
Hollow rollers, metal caps, grooved rollers, solid rollers, and other special varieties are possible.

The fused silica material is also featured in a range of other products such as crucibles those need to endure high thermal shock, e.g. for high-frequency melting applications.

Our Haldenwanger business is pleased to offer their Halcoat coating which is used for the protection of fused silica rollers in steel treatment appliances, such as in hot pressing furnaces.
Halcoat is made from silicon nitride Si3N4 which repels molten metal, particularly aluminium.
When used as a coating, it significantly extends the operational life of our fused silica rollers, which are otherwise vulnerable to damage from the splashes and drips of molten metal. Like fused silica, it has a very low thermal expansion and excellent resistance to thermal shock.
For more information on Halcoat as a protective coating, our fused silica rollers or our fused silica material please contact us today.

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