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glass global provides you with information upon the International Glass Industry. Want to browse the glass global directory, read daily news, trade postings or job opportunities?

This app hits the spot!

glassglobal app


  • Daily news upon the international glass industry
  • Trade market postings
  • Job opportunities
  • Complete glass global company directory

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The Combustion Calc iPhone App

The App

CombustionCalc - the perfect combustion tool for engineers and students. Perform combustion calculation of gaseous fuels and compute the main combustion parameters.

Almost everybody studying engineering science and all engineers dealing with combustion have to perform combustion calculations frequently. With CombustionCalc you execute your combustion calculation fast and very efficient. Just specify the fuel and oxidiser composition and the fuel flow, that´s all. Your results are the fuel properties and the required oxidiser flows.

combustion calculation app

Required input

  • Specify the fuel composition
  • Specify the oxidiser composition


  • Calculation of the fuel density
  • Calculation of the molecular density
  • Calculation of the net calorific value
  • Calculation of the minimum oxidiser requirement
  • Calculation of the minimum air requirement