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Manchete Experienced expert sees position as Consultant / CEO / Development Director in Container
Datado 29.07.2019
Cifra de Trabalho # CH0793834

Posição Atual

CEO / Development Director
Categoria de Trabalho Project Management
Atividade Container glass industry
nesta função desde 2014
Experiência de gestão yes
Experiência da nossa equipe
Experiência no exterior no
Línguas English (Proficient) and Turkish (native language).

Posições queridos

Consultant / CEO / Development Director
Atividade Container glass industry
Salário desejado negotiable
País / Região worldwide
Disposto a relocalizar ? (Também no exterior)
Data disponível any


  • Middle East Technical University - Ankara, Turkey o B.S in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 1983
  • Istanbul University - Istanbul, Turkey o Courses taken in Business and Management, 1977-1978
  • Seminars and Symposium Participations via Sisecam/Pasabahce Glassware Co.
  • Dale Carnegie and Deloitte training in courses: Leadership, Coaching, Management Techniques, Investment Opportunities
  • Satisfactorily Completion of Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Classical Electricity and Magnetism Courses at the Department of Physics of Marmara Unıversity-Istanbul (Spring Semester 2018)


  • More than 30 years of experience in developing and implementing cutting edge glass technologies and machinery.
  • More than 20 years of management background including being the Director of Research and Development of Pasabahce Glassware (a Sisecam company –www.sısecam.com), reporting to the CEO in the world’s 3rd largest glassware manufacturer.

Career History:

Resigned from Sisecam as of June 2018 (www.sisecam.com)

  • Worked as Consultant to CEO at Sisecam/Pasabahce after resigning as Development Director as of January 2018
  • Development Director (2014 - 2017) - Sisecam/ Pasabahce Glassware Co. Glassware Group of Sisecam Company, Headquarters, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Developed and implemented innovative processes, production methods and products, automation projects such as: a- development of servo –electronic glassware production machines leading to precise control of production parameters; higher product quality; less mechanical parts with longer life time; higher automation which requires less operator time, higher flexibility and speed for increasing efficiency and productivity. b- innovative energy saving and emission decreasing projects for glass melting furnaces which are supported by European Union Energy and Environment Department. c- development of new and Innovative products and production machines; such as colored oven glassware; color chancing luminescent glassware, chemically tempered break resistant glassware; lead and antimony free crystal glassware; development of machines and robots for high quality crystal glassware production. d- development of high speed high quality crystal glass stemware production processes with high resistance to breakage and dishwasher safety.
  • Managed projects in cost reduction, operational excellence with efficient and optimized production methods for high quality and innovative glassware and machinery, such as: a- capacity increasing, energy saving and emission decreasing projects of glass melting furnaces; b- development of high speed stemware machines, high speed tumbler machines, big size tumbler machines, flexible machines serving for both stemware and tumbler with broad range of product dimensions and shapes, c- development of high speed, low cost, mass production glassware tumbler production machines, d- development of automated packaging machines for glassware.
  • Acquiring and developing technologies with long term sustainability and high profitability for the company such as: glassware screen printing decoration machines with UV curing, glassware pad printing decoration machines, glassware laser-cutting machines, laser marking machines, automatic inspection machines, glassware induction tempering machines.
  • In cooperation with Company’s Science and Technology Center and Operation Units of the Plants, managed projects involving: capacity increase, new production processes, renewal and upgrading of the existing units, designing and implementation of investment projects for glass melting furnaces for the long term and short term strategies and policies of the company such as: a- capacity increasing, energy saving and emission decreasing projects of glass melting furnaces, b- research of glass furnaces with electrical melting technologies, c-development of glass coloring agents and coloring processes, development of glass coating dyes and processes, development of new glass chemical compositions, development of energy saving glass melting furnaces for high capacities.

Plant Manager (2010-2014) - Sisecam/Pasabahce Glassware Co. Trakya Glass Plant, Targovishte, Bulgaria

  • Managed the coordination, planning and control at macro level for all operations of one of the 5 plants of the glassware company with more than 1000 employees and 80 thousand tons of yearly glassware production.
  • Developed and monitored budget proposals, production and operating expenditures, manpower, wages and profit at a strategic level with the establishment of monitoring overall plant performance with the KPI’s and management of targets.
  • İmplementation of green field investment of around 70 Million USD investment budget that doubled the capacity of the existing plant glass production by adding 8 more production lines with latest production techniques and 2nd glass melting furnace with 220 ton/day glass pull capacity with recent energy saving technologies
  • Developing and application of innovative best available oxy fuel combustion technology for the glass melting furnace investment project which enabled decrease of greenhouse gas emissions, increase of energy efficiency, decrease of operating costs, decrease of invested capital, increase of operational excellence.
  • After 9 years of running life time, renovation and upgrading and startup of the existing glass melting furnace and glass production machines in a record time which is 30 days.

Production Manager (2005-2010) - Sisecam/Pasabahce Glassware Co., Kirklareli Glass Plant, Luleburgaz, Turkey

  • Ensured achievement of production plan of continuously running glassware production plant in accordance with targeted efficiency, agreed lot size, agreed cost, targeted delivery time to the customer in a continuously running totaling 30 production lines (including glassware printing and decoration lines).
  • Continued to manage the application of TPM (Total Production Management) techniques learned with the 8 years long term technical knowhow agreement with a leading Japanese Tableware Producer.
  • Leading and implementing of innovative crystalline glassware production investment with around 10 million USD investment, 30 ton/day production capacity, with new production techniques and processes for more than 90 new products in the year of production period.

Engineering and Maintenance Manager (1995-2005) - Sisecam/Pasabahce Glassware Co., Kirklareli Glass Plant, Luleburgaz, Turkey

  • Ensuring that all production and utilities equipment are in line with good manufacturing practices and safety requirements at a continuously running glassware plant which was one of the leading plant having big capacity, broad proses range and broad product range.
  • Implemented and coordinated investment projects for capacity increase and production machinery.
  • Application of TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) techniques for production machines, production processes, energy and utilities supply equipment, maintenance departments.
  • Leading and implementing of more than 12 investment projects with a budget of around 10 million USD of each project for renovation of glass melting furnaces and related production lines after 7-8 years of continuously running life time
  • Leading and implementing greenfield Borosilicate Ovenware Glass Investment project with the cooperation of Nippon Electric Glass Co./Japan for production processes and with the cooperation of Corning Glass/USA for glass melting furnace with oxyfuel combustion technology with a capacity of 80 tons/day; 4 production lines and with an investment budget of 18 million USD, in year 1996.
  • Leading and implementing of greenfield soda lime glassware investment project with cooperation of Ishizuka Glass Co./Japan for developing production machines and production techniques including TPM with a glass melting furnace capacity of 180 tons/day, 8 production lines with broad product range; with a budget of around 30 million USD, in year 1994.
  • Designing and putting into production the high-speed, electronic, servo-drive glassware production machines with the cooperation of glass machinery technology developing companies in relation with the production process types.

Maintenance Chief Engineer (1992 -1995) - Sisecam/Pasabahce Glassware Co., Kirklareli Glass Plant, Luleburgaz, Turkey, returned to previously held position.

Process Engineering Manager (1991-1992) –Vescolor Co.Picture TV Tube Investment Project, Joint Venture with Thomson Consumer Electronics (Radio Corporation of America ) in Corlu, Turkey

  • Started working at Vescolor Company which was a joint venture greenfield investment of a multinational (American and French) joint venture green field investment project to produce Color Picture TV Tubes.
  • Was assigned to picture TV plant of Thompson Consumer Electronics located in Marion/İndianapolisUSA for orientation and training. Had to leave the company a little more than a year later since the investment was cancelled due to the economical crash.

Product Manager (1988–1991) - Alarko Co., Heating & Air Conditioning and Home Appliances Plant, Istanbul, Turkey

Project Engineer/Maintenance Chief Engineer (1983-1988) - Sisecam/Pasabahce Glassware Co., Kirklareli Glass Plant, Luleburgaz, Turkey

  • Entry level engineer at the greenfield investment phase of the Kirklareli Glassware Plant. Directly worked for the construction, installation and start-up of productıon machinery and production facilities as Project Engineer. 2 years later I was promoted to chief maintenance engineer responsible for the operations.
  • Cooperation with Crown Corning Glass Co./Australia for the development of glassware machinery, molds, maintenance, production technologies.

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  • Passion for gardening and backyard agriculture.