High Growth Potential

High growth potential


Demand for our solar glass product accelerated by:

  • EU’s and Canada’s Net Zero by 2050 plan
  • China’s Net Zero by 2060 plan
  • USA’s carbon free electricity grid by 2035 plan
  • New generation bi facial dual glass modules that provide increased conversion efficiency require 2x solar glass

Demand for our coated energy efficient glass accelerated by:

  • ‘Canada’s Buildings Strategy’ federal program for retrofitting old infrastructure to reduce emissions
  • Canada’s revised plan for achieving Paris 2030 emission targets
  • Future buildings design will require an assessment of embodied carbon of products utilized, making low carbon manufacturing critical in meeting new LEED and Canada Green Building Council standards
Solar glass used in solar panels and coated architectural glass used in energy efficient products save more energy upon installation than used in manufacturing, creating a unique carbon negative product.

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