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Instituição, Instalações University of Art and Design Helsinki, UIAH
Tipo de escola
Título do Curso Bachelor of Arts Degree
Grau BA

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Endereço University of Art and Design Helsinki, UIAH
Department of Ceramics and Glass
Hämeentie 135 C
FIN-00560 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 75631
Fax: +358 9 75630373, +358 9 75630275


Director of the Department Professor Mr. Tapio Yli-Viikari


The BA degree (120 cr) provides comprehensive knowledge of ceramics and glass materials, and the basic skills in working them. Students can specialize in ceramic and glass art or product design. The primary goal of the BA degree is to lead the student to work independently and to develop his or her artistic vision. During their studies the students produce a portfolio to be evaluated as a degree work at the end of the period of study. The BA degree from UIAH provides access to our MA study program

Carreira opçoes futuros 

What is the market for graduate students of ceramic and glass design? Some of the students will be able to set up as ceramic artists or studio potters in Finland, but as designers they will have to become international. Information technology and computer aided design have become the key skills for a designer for industry. When porcelain factories began developing CAD/CAM technology the same software was immediately introduced in teaching at the UIAH