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Feira MIR STEKLA - (Welt des Glases/World of Glass)

The MIR STEKLA Exhibition themes reflect the variety of glass industry products, equipment and services.

1. Glass production

1.1. Full scale glass production

1.2. Components for glass production

1.3. Glass melting technology

1.4. Equipment for glass production

1.5. Processing of raw materials, batch and cullet

1.6. Equipment for float glass forming

1.7. Equipment for hollow glass molding

1.8. Annealing furnaces

1.9. Glass-melting furnaces

1.10. Vacuum systems and compressors

1.11. Molds for glass making

1.12. Batch charging and removal systems

1.13. Ventilation systems

1.14. Technology for processing of glass products

1.15. Energy and resource saving in glass production

1.16. Glass and glassware Transportation and storage

1.17. Packaging lines

1.18. Spare parts and equipment maintenance

2. Glass processing

2.1. Glass cutting, drilling and shaping

2.2. Glass grinding and polishing

2.3. Laser technology

2.4. Glass tempering and moulding

2.5. Protective and decorative films for glass

2.6. Glass decoration

2.7. Glass frosting and tinting

2.8. Glass paints and glass enamel

2.9. Laminated glass films

3. Glass application

3.1. Windows, doors and fronts NEW

-Flat glass

- Safety glass

- Energy efficient technologies

- Fire resistant glass

- Noise absorbing glass

- Strength retaining technology, self-cleaning glass

- Smart glass

3.2. Interior glass

- Stained glass

- Mirrors

- Dishes and glassware

- Glass furniture

- Art Glass (adornments, lamps, vases)

3.3. Automotive glass

3.4. Container glass

3.5. Special glass NEW

- Quartz glass

- Foam glass

- Special purpose films for glass

4. Tools, auxiliary equipment

4.1. Glass cutting tools

4.2. Glass grinding and polishing tools

4.3. Glass lifting tools

4.4. Glassware fittings

4.5. Glues and sealers

5. Test and regulating equipment. Software

5.1. Surface and outline measurement and control

5.2. Test equipment for glass production

5.3. Transportable test equipment

5.4. Detectors for safety glass

5.5. Software

6. Glass packaging, transportation and storage NEW

7. Design workshops, research institutes, schools, industry associations

8. Specialized publications, press


Participants in the MIR STEKLA Exhibition are Russian and overseas companies engaged in glass production and processing, manufacturing of equipment, tools, spare parts, and measuring and control equipment for the glass industry as well as in engineering and consulting. The MIR STEKLA Exhibition also presents a tight schedule of related events that include B2B discussions, lectures, seminars, conferences, round-tables and contests. The programme of accompanying events is elaborated jointly by the leading branch corporations and associations. Basic thematic sectors - Glass production - Glass processing - Glassware - Auxiliary equipment and tools - Art and decorative glass, stained glass - Test and control and regulating equipment - Research and developments in the glass industry

Cidade Moskau
Localização Messe- und Kongreßzentrum Krasnaja Presnja
Datas das feiras 28.05.2018 - 31.05.2018


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