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Our Philosophy

We understand our company as partner for our customers in the glass industry on the fields of hot end and cold end coating, coaching, service and transfer of information.

Hot end and cold end coating are the only contact points with chemical processes during container glass production after passing the glass furnace. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to increase the acceptance of using chemicals in this technical application field. Thus we offer a close cooperation with our customers regarding application of coating products, control, detailed check of any technical problem and their removal.

Fields of application

  • Container glass / light weight bottles / jars / beer bottles etc.
  • Cosmetic flacons / pharmaceutical flacons
  • Table Ware

  • Direct contact to our customers world-wide
  • Cooperation with agents in several countries, e.g. France, French speaking countries, India, Nigeria, China etc.
  • Cooperation with most of the leading project engineering companies

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