Updated worldwide glass market study 2024 available now for flat, container glass and tableware

We have updated our international studies on flat glass, container glass and tableware for 2024.

This unique software provides a global overview about glass producers and technical details. Easy to use and clear tables summarize information and data about glass makers such as: Glass types: flat glass, container glass, tableware, production capacities in regions and countries, number of furnaces, furnace types, year of construction, glass types and sub-types, products, project information, special news and downloads.

Further databases supplying demoscopic data and import and export data complete the market survey. Based on these data, prepare individual country profiles with information about local production capacities, local market sizes and expected demand in the future.

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Updated container glass study 2024


Updated float glass study 2024


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1 rue des Terres à Flacon
PEA Bresle Maritime
80880 Saint-Quentin-Lamotte
Email Get in contact with SGD SAINT QUENTIN

Produtos / Máquinas

SGD is the worldwide leader in the production and decoration of glass bottles for the pharmaceutical and perfume-cosmetics industries. It is renowned for its technical know-how and capacity for innovation in glassmaking and bottle finishing processes.

The Group also manufactures carafes (Perfumery-Cosmetics division), electric insulators, and is involved in the creation and distribution of various packaging products, via its subsidiary VG EMBALLAGE.

A worldwide leader in glass container manufacturing, the SGD Perfumery and Cosmetics division has been supporting its customers in their local and international expansion for more than a century.  A partner recognised for its technical know-how and capacity for innovation, SGD meets the expectation for novelty expressed by its customers and end consumers. It is in this spirit that SGD continuously seeks to push the limits of glass and of bottle and jar decoration techniques.
With modern shapes, a vast colour palette and innovative decorations, its offer is contemporary, flexible and nearly infinitely customisable. SGD creates bottles and jars with special shapes and decorative touches, from La Collection standard models to the most avant garde designs.

Unique know-how to develop new container shapes and decorations

Glass making and finishing experts (bottle decoration) meet the need for intense innovation: processes, shapes, colors and surface treatments. Combining technology, technical knowledge and human skill, SGD is always conducting research to provide the best solutions to the needs of each of its customers. Innovation and development efforts target container decoration and shapes.

Choice, flexibility, speed, competitiveness: these are the guiding concepts of La Collection, SGD's proprietary range of glass jars and bottles

Customers in the perfume, skin care and cosmetics industries have access to more than 200 glass bottles and jars available with no development lag time at an optimum price all over the world. These containers can be personalized through finishing techniques. Myriad decorative options can be used alone or combined to reveal the product's personality.